Acetic Silicone Sealant,GP-130

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  • Date:2021/05/13

The era is developing rapidly with a new look. Many buildings have been updated and replaced many old ones, so the quality of course has been improved. High-quality buildings must have high-quality products. As an indispensable existence, silicone sealant plays an important role. Only good silicone sealants can build good buildings. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the national "One Belt One Road" call, we provide high-quality silicone sealant supply services for customers at home and abroad.And our products have served more than 50 countries around the world, with 30 years manufacture experience of silicone sealant.

In order to cater to the special climate of the market and certain regions, our CHNGOO launched a quick-drying acid sealant GP-130, which is a general-purpose silicone sealant, suitable for the use, construction and convenience of silicone rubber . Various doors and windows. Its main feature is the quick-drying type. GP-130 is an acid glue because it contains acetic acid, which is volatile, so it has fast drying characteristics. Therefore, this silicone sealant will dry quickly after printing. The surface drying time is 5-10 minutes, which is much shorter than other products. But you can rest assured that although you will smell acetic acid when you first use it, it will disappear after ventilation and will not harm human health. It is very suitable for some areas with relatively dry climate and is also very popular.


In addition to being cost-effective and quick-drying, GP-130 also has excellent waterproof and has an excellent service life for most of the substrates. It is a very popular product for us.In addition, it also has many outstanding features:

1,Easy to cure and extrude and has excellent adhesion to cladding,

2,Fast drying,excellent and long lasting bonding power,

3,Good protection after hardening,

4,Extra cold and heat resistance and high elasticity,

5,Structural adhesion for curtain wall,

6,Excellent displacement ability and long using life.

In the production process, we strictly follow the highest standards, and our raw materials are imported from Germany, and the production equipment is imported from Italy. The mechanized production mode is adopted throughout the process to ensure the high quality and high standards of the products.On the outer packaging of the bottle, we also spent a lot of thought. First of all, the packaging we designed is the most relevant to the theme. The functional features and usage scenarios of the product are printed on the front, so that people can understand at a glance, and also indicate the production date,color, shelf life and other information; on the back of the bottle, there are restrictions on the use of the product and basic precautions. The information is particularly complete, so that customers can easily understand.Now our service is not only that, we can also re-customize the color of the glue, the volume of the bottle and the packaging according to the needs of customers, as long as you have needs, we can tailor it for you.

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