CHG-201 polyurethane sealant for car

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  • Date:2021/03/29

CHG-201 polyurethane sealant for car

Everyone knows that cars are assembled from a large number of parts, and the main materials that make up these parts are steel and plastic. How are these parts assembled together? Perhaps many people thought of screwing and welding for the first time. These are the more common ways to assemble cars. And it might be shocking to say that cars can also be glued together. In fact, adhesive technology has been widely used in the automotive field.In the mid-1950s, adhesive technology began to be used in the automotive field, but at that time there were only a handful of adhesives and sealants used in the automotive industry, and the technical content was also very low, which could not guarantee the quality of automotive products, nor it is easy to cause harm to the environment and human health. In the late 1980s, the application of adhesive technology in the automotive field became very extensive.According to statistics, in 2010, the total demand for various types of adhesives and sealants in my country's automobile industry exceeded 100,000 tons. At present, each car in my country uses about 20kg of adhesive. From the perspective of functions and parts, automobile adhesives involve It can be said that adhesive technology is used in all aspects of automobile assembly in coating process, automobile interior decoration, assembly, welding process, etc. The reason why the bonding and sealing technology will be more and more widely used in the automotive industry is that it has many advantages: it can improve driving comfort, reduce noise in the car, reduce vibration, reduce weight, reduce energy consumption, and simplify the process. , Improve product quality, and even achieve effects that are difficult to achieve by welding, riveting and other methods.


Our CHG-201 car sealant is mainly applied to windshield. It can be used to bond the windshield and the rear window of the car, so that it can be firmly bonded to the body. The use of glass glue completely abandons the backward means of traditional glass installation, making the glass supporting work easy to operate and the degree of automation is also greatly improved.In addition, glass glue also has the properties of good strength, full of elasticity, compression and shock resistance. In response to the needs of automakers to produce low-noise and comfortable cars, we have developed foaming agents. This polyurethane foam product can be used for noise reduction and shock absorption of the body structure. Some hollow structures in body components tend to cause resonance with the air and thus generate noise. Filling these hollow structures with dense foam will solve the above-mentioned problems. This kind of foam has high density and low density. Low-density foam can be used to fill some potholes in automotive components.When the low-density foam is injected into the pit, the liquid mixture will expand rapidly, and the volume of the expanded foam can reach 40 times its initial volume, and finally a solidified foam layer is formed. This process only needs to wait 15 minutes to complete.. The high-density foam is used to reinforce important structural parts (such as beams and columns) of the car body. Its slow expansion feature allows enough time for the injected liquid mixture to flow through and fill the hollow structure. Its volume after expansion is only about 10 times its initial volume, and after 30 minutes, it will be completely solidified.


The main functions of automobile sealant are:

1. Dustproof. If the compactness of the car is not enough, the dust will enter the car along the car gap, making the car interior very "dirty". The sealant has good compaction performance, which can improve the compactness of the car as a whole. For example, after the use of sealant on the glass window of a car, the gap between the glass window and the car can be compacted, and harmful substances such as sand and dust can be prevented from entering the car, so as to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of the car.

2. Moisture-proof. Automobile sealant not only has a dust-proof effect, but also has a moisture-proof effect. If the car is not dense enough, then the moisture will enter the car along the car gap. The use of sealant for doors, glass windows, etc. can improve the overall sealing performance of the car and prevent moisture from entering the car.

3. Soundproofing. Compared with metal materials, automobile sealants have low density, but have large physical molecules, and the density of molecules is small after the glue is cured. The sealant has a good sound insulation effect based on this characteristic, . If the sound insulation of the car is poor, the sound of the engine and the noise from the outside will be introduced into the car, which will affect the mood of the car users. Automobile sealants can not only effectively isolate various noises from the engine and the outside world, but also improve the comfort of car users.

4. Shock absorption. The physical characteristics of the sealant determine its better elasticity.The sealant applied to the car can effectively improve the elasticity of the car, thereby prolonging the service life of the car. In addition, the sealant also has functions such as heat insulation and heat preservation. In summary, the advantages of automobile sealants are very many, which can improve the overall performance of the automobile, extend the service life of the automobile, and reduce the cost of the automobile.






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