CHG-700 Porcelain Glue (A B Glue),Connect every home

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  • Date:2021/04/08

In the current decoration, the most indispensable is the ceramic tile. A good ceramic tile can make the home look new, but at the same time, a good ceramic tile also needs a good sealant to connect. The product launched by our CHNGOO is definitely you connect the ceramic tile. The best choice. Real porcelain glue is a reactive two-component beauty sewing product, suitable for all kinds of ceramic or stone building materials such as ceramic or stone building materials such as ceramic tile floors, ceramic tile walls, wash basins, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen counters, and door stones. The gap is filled and beautified.Epoxy grout is made from two-part epoxy resins which are then mixed with filler powder. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, can look really drab and dingy when the grout begins to flake or discolor, or when mildew or mold sets in. Epoxy grout has significantly greater bond strength and compression strength over cementitious grouts. It is also very stain resistant. Because epoxy hardens quickly epoxy grout can be difficult to apply and this often discourages people from using it. Epoxy grout is frequently used in commercial and industrial applications. The epoxy sets up fast and doesn’t have as much adjustability nor as forgiving as a cementitious grout. Installers who are new to installing epoxy grout without a lot of practice tend to struggle with the installation.

It is necessary to connect the tiles. If it is not done, the gaps between the tiles will become black and dirty over time, making it difficult to clean. In the early homes that used white cement to fill the tiles, after a period of use, the cement in the gaps will become damp, moldy, blackened, and hide dirt, which is very unsightly. In addition to filling the gaps, the beautiful gaps of tiles can also be effectively waterproof. The use of our products not only make the tiles beautiful and clean, but also waterproof and mold-proof, and more importantly, they can protect the tiles from bacteria and prolong their service life. Our products can be completely bonded to metal, glass, cement, ceramic tiles, stone, wood, etc., for the joints between two objects, the effect of permanent cracking and water leakage, can completely replace glass glue and silica gel. After the colloid is cured, it is as hard as stone, has a strong structure, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance and moisture resistance. This product adopts automatic mixing nozzle, the operation is really simple and convenient, the two-component automatic mixing is even, and it is not easy to pollute the surrounding environment. The product combines the advantages of quick-adhesive agent, caulking agent, and rigid repair material, so it has the four major functions of super waterproof, corrosion resistance and less curable shrinkage. It is extremely versatile. It can be used for decoration engineering, waterproofing engineering, home maintenance, property repair, it is a veritable universal repair auxiliary product.

Choose CHNGOO to give your family a healthier lifestyle. The real porcelain glue uses high-end raw materials to ensure product stability. The product colors are novel. Each color is integrated into the current fashion elements, showing noble, luxurious and elegant temperament. The use of gold-mounted ceramic glue can be directly applied without caulking. , To reduce the construction time, the wall and the ground can be constructed. After curing, the product is hard as porcelain, anti-aging, bright in color, oil-resistant, waterproof, mildew and black, with high temperature and low temperature resistance.

1 No shrinkage, no collapse

2 Strong frost resistance and high temperature resistance

3 Resistant to acid and alkali, aging resistance, and oil stain resistance

4 Hard as porcelain, mildewproof, waterproof and black

5 Be soft first and then steel, convenient for construction and cleaning




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