Selection of silicone sealant for doors & windows

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  • Date:2020/12/29

Nowadays,Chinas construction industry is developing better and better.As a channel connecting indoors and outdoors, doors and windows are also a bridge between sunlight, fresh air and energy interaction, carrying the life philosophy of energy saving and emission reduction in today's society. At the same time, the design of doors and windows is becoming increasingly diversified to meet people's individual pursuit of quality of life. High-quality doors and windows are an indispensable role in quality life. So, what kind of door and window sealant should be used for high-quality doors and windows?

When choosing high-quality silicone sealant, in addition to choosing a good displacement ability, it is also necessary to choose a weather-resistant sealant to ensure the service life of doors and windows. Compared with other types of sealants, silicone door and window sealants have the best weather resistance. However, the quality of silicone sealant for doors and windows on the market is uneven. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers will add some harmful mineral oil to shoddy, which greatly reduces the content of silicone base polymer in door and window sealants. If you use this This kind of products will have very big quality risks. When this kind of door and window sealant is first used, there is no visible abnormality on the outside, but after a short period of time, the mineral oil inside will migrate to the surface of the sealant, and the quality and performance of the sealant will also decrease, which will also affect the human body. Produce some harm.

Our CHNGOO has two types of sealing silicone adhesives, acid and neutral. They are GP-130,OS-796,they both suitable for doors & windows.

GP-130 is acetic windows & doors silicone sealant,it has a lot of advantages,such as easy of application,cost-effective & fast cured,and excellent waterproof ability & strong elasticity.Although it is acetic silicone sealant,it will not leave any odor after use and will not harm health.OS-796 is neutral windows & doors metal ACP GP silicone sealant,it has good adhesion to most common building material and excellent weatherability,long using life.If you are interested in our silicone sealant,please contact us at the first time!


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