What Is The Different Of Silicone Sealant And MS Sealant

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  • Date:2020/08/05

What Is The Different Of Silicone Sealant And MS Sealant


1. Different properties: MS polymer is a cross-linked polymer based on silane-terminated polyether. Silicone sealant is a kind of ointment, which will solidify into a tough rubber-like solid material when exposed to moisture in the air.


2. Different viscosity: The inherent elasticity of MS sealant could absorb and compensate the dynamic load and transmit the force evenly. Silicone glass glue has strong adhesive strength, high tensile strength, weather resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, odor resistance and adaptability to cold and heat.


3. The composition is different: the chemical composition of silicone sealant includes polydimethylsiloxane and silicon dioxide polymer. MS sealants are similar to silane-terminated polyethers containing polyurethane groups.


The full name of MS adhesive is modified silane polyether adhesive, which is a new generation of constructural sealant developed after polysulfide adhesive, silicone adhesive and polyurethane adhesive. Mainly used in the bonding, caulking, jointing, sealing and waterproofing,  clear waterproof caulk, waterproof caulk for wood, reinforcement and other fields of construction engineering and decoration; In recent years, with the continuous deepening of people's understanding of the advantages of MS sealant, in refrigerated trucks, containers, elevators Applications in other industrial fields are also expanding. Chinese construction sealants are currently dominated by silicone adhesives. Compared with MS adhesives, MS adhesives have more and more prominent advantages:


1. Excellent environmental performance: no solvent added in the production of MS adhesives, no formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, etc. The release of harmful substances and VOC content are the lowest, environmentally friendly and green; in China, Longbang New Materials is the first R&D and production enterprise focusing on MS glue. The VOC content of MS glue is much lower than the national standard by 8 times, almost It is 0.


2. Wider bonding range and stronger bonding strength. MS glue is not only suitable for most building materials, but also has good adhesion to engineering plastics such as acrylic, ABS, plexiglass, and porous materials such as concrete. It has more and wider applications than silicone glue.


3. Will not escape oily molecules to contaminate the surface and joints of building materials, and keep the building beautiful for a long time. Silicone sealant will precipitate small molecules, together with rain and dust, it will form difficult stains on the appearance of the building.


4. Compatible with most paints and coatings, the surface of the colloid can be painted, and the silicone glue will be unable to maintain the coating due to the shrinkage of the surface tension. 5. The balance of overall performance is also the best.


Is it MS sealant better than silicone sealant ?


   The silicone caulk sealants has its own characteristics, is widely used, and is constantly expanding. Can work with most materials to fill and seal. When curing, the requirements are not high. Even at normal temperature, it can react with the moisture in the air to cure normally. After curing successfully, it can exert various performances and live up to expectations. Work with powerful suppliers to be more at ease, such as Cosmoore, focusing on silicone sealant research, providing customized silicone sealant application solutions, which are widely used and can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, and marine , Electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.


Meanwhile, Silicone sealants come in various forms and play their greatest role according to different uses mirror Neutral silicone sealant, neutral silicone sealant, acetic and so on. Chinese silicone sealant supplier are mature in manufacturing technology.  No matter what kind of sealant is chosen, as long as it is suitable for its own use, it will definitely be useful.




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