How to prolong service life of door and window hardware

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  • Date:2021/08/13

Hardware is the heart of doors and Windows, hardware has a great influence on the comprehensive performance of doors and Windows. Hardware can directly determine the service life of doors and Windows. The leakproofness, anti-theft, sound insulation effect, heat preservation, security of doors and windows are closely related to hardware. Protecting the hardware is also protecting doors and Windows. So we give some suggestion to increase of the service life of door and window hardware. 

1.The hinges and rollers which expose to the weather of many years, need to be drop the lubricating oil and maintenance every six months to a year. So they can not only ensure that the hardware have a long using life, windows and doors will open and close more smoothly, but also not easy to produce sounds. If the lock cylinders cant roll easily, which can use some pencil lead powder into the lock hole. It has excellent lubrication to the lock, and doesn't affect the use of the lock performance.

2.Different materials of door and window hardware should be cleaned in different ways. Stainless steel hardware can be wiped with brightening agent to increase the brightness. But accessories and locks of other materials cannot be wiped with corrosive cleaner. Be sure to understand the materials of the hardware in advance. 

3.Strengthen the prevention and cure measure of door and window hardware, the hardware accessories should be choose accord with a country current standard and regulation. It should match with the door and window you choose before. Installing the hardware with fastening screws to ensure the correct position and flexible switch. Pay attention to maintenance, Be careful to use them in daily which will cause damage. 

4.The strength need to be moderate when opening door and window, keeping same speed when opening and closing to avoid damage for overexert. Do not put something overweight on the hardware such as handle. Avoid to bump door window or scratch profile surface with hard object as far as possible. 

5.There is high air humidity In some places, the profile is more likely to be affected by moisture expansion, and easy to cause the mold and rust on the surface of the door and window and metal parts. So the hardware need to keep dry and lubricate. Moisture-proof dehumidification is also necessary, we should pay attention to regularly open doors and Windows for ventilation. We can place small packages of dry lime or other desiccant in the corners of doors and Windows in sometimes.

6. Doors and Windows should be checked the degree of tightness of hardware fittings regularly. Finding the problem to be handled in time after sale to avoid safe hidden trouble. But the key point is to choose the reliable products and brand. Huajingda & Chngoo is a profession manufacturer of doors and windows hardware, established in 1990. specializing in sliding window lock, roller, hinge,handle, bolt,  as well as all kinds of metal and plastic products. With the deep trust of our guests and the continuous expansion of our products, we provide one-stop service for our customers.




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