What you have to know about using Chngoo silicone sealant

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  • Date:2022/02/28

What you have to know about using Chngoo silicone sealant

Let's take a look at the precautions that are easy to ignore in the use steps to see what factors affect the effect of the silicone sealant.

It looks beautiful when you hit it along a line, and it can't be stopped.

Premise: Clean the metal and plastic surfaces to be pasted and remove oil stains (this is a point that many people ignore, thinking that direct silicone glass glue can cover the stains or oil stains, and the actual residue will greatly affect the use effect)


1. First, you must be able to use a glue gun;

2. Determine the width of your structural adhesive glue, that is, the width of the gap;

3. According to the width of your glue gap, cut the nozzle into a diameter smaller than the gap;

4. Do a good job of protecting both sides of the glued gap, and paste textured paper on the glass, profiles, stone, etc. on both sides of the gap (to correct the effect, ensure the aesthetics, and also protect the surface of the material);

5. Master the speed of gluing and the moving speed of the glue gun, and move the glue gun evenly according to the depth of the gap;

6. Trim the glued area, find a shovel to smooth the uneven area, and fill in the sealant glue for the place that did not enter the gap when gluing;

7. After waiting for the curing time of different glass glues, peel off the textured paper on both sides of the material.

You have to know the precautions about playing glass glue, now everyone knows it. There are seven types of chngoo glass glue: neutral windows & doors metal ACP GP silicone sealant, weatherproof curtain wall silicone glass glue, colorful home decoration anti-mildew sealant glue, high-strength door and window special sealant , outdoor weather-resistant glue, environmentally friendly quick-stick nail-free glue and aquarium special glue. Welcome to consult and buy http://www.hjd-hardware.com/https://www.chngoo.com/




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