Constructural Sealants

If you are having Constructural Silicone Sealant project then definitely you would require the use of the sealants during construction, and there are two different types of them like the hot process sealants and the cold process sealants. Both of these sealants are being used for various construction related purpose like in the pipeline, the shaft, air handling system, power plant, oil platforms and many more. The main purpose of these sealants is to prevent the dust or the unwanted components from entering in the structure. So, if you are having construction project then definitely you would require the supply of the structural sealing products so that you can easily maintain your structure in the best possible way without affecting the durability of your construction work.


However, the question arises where you must get the supply of these sealing products and where you must get it manufactured. For this you need to do some research before selecting any particular manufacturer or supplier. You can even go to the consumer report directory and check that about the various consumer reports that are given regarding the company that you intend to buy the product from. This will help you know whether the company manufactures the material in a hygienic environment or not. Apart from this, you can also check with your local building codes and check whether the manufacturer of the material complies with the rules and regulations by using the appropriate construction sealant.


Once you are done with the selection of the company or supplier then obviously you must consider the price of the product. Therefore you must compare the prices of various manufacturers or suppliers of the same product and then choose the one who offers you a reasonable rate of the manufacturing cost. You can also check whether the supplier has the required experience in the field of construction related sealing or not. Moreover, you must also check that whether the supplier is providing with timely delivery of the product without compromising on the quality of the product. Thus, after considering all the factors above, you can easily select the right supplier and manufacture the construction sealants of your choice.


  • SJ-168 Neutral Transparent Glass Curtain Wall Silicone Sealant

    SJ-168 Neutral Transparent Glass Curtain Wall Silicone Sealant

    ● Neutral curing, non-corrosive curing system.

    ● No unpleasant odor during cure.

    ● Excellent resistance to weather, water.

    ● For use on: Glass, glass curtain wall, ceramics, metals, polycarbonate, plastics, etc.

    ● Good adhesion to most common building material.

    ● Excellent displacement ability.

    ● Long Using Life.

  • SJ-268 Neutral Construction-Grade Silicone Structural Adhesive Sealant

    SJ-268 Neutral Construction-Grade Silicone Structural Adhesive Sealant

    ● For structural bonding and protective glazing

    ● Surface like glass, aluminium, ceramics, steel, tiles, concrete, precast panel and other common building materials

    ● Structural bonding assembly for glass curtain wall

    ● Structural bonding sealing of insulating glass

    ● All kinds of doors and Windows glass installation, sealing 




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