D007 Aluminum Profile Hinge

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  • Feature
  • ● Available in multiple colors
  • ● Manufactured using premium quality raw material
  • ● Polished and smooth surface,no burr,no scratch
  • ● The tolerance controlled strictly in the range of customers.
  • ●Corrosion resistance,longer service life

D007 Aluminum Profile Hinge

D007 is our main hot-selling product, which is widely used in various doors and windows. In order to meet market demand, we use aluminum profile as the main material, which is resistant to corrosion and has a long life. It can connect door to door well, is very durable, and is very suitable for the current market. In addition, it has many outstanding features:

1. Materials and colors can be customized according to requirements

2. Use high-quality raw materials to make

3. Suitable for wooden, iron, aluminum, steel doors and windows inside and outside

4. The surface is polished and smooth,no burr,no scratch

Model: D007 Aluminum Profile Hinge

Strong corrosion resistance, smooth surface, light carrying belt,

good sturdiness, good connection between door seams.

1. Connect the door to the door, with good connectivity

2. It can be used between most doors, beautiful and durable

3. Samples can be provided to check the quality


Model:D007 Aluminum Profile Hinge

Material:Aluminum Profile

Finish:Powder coating(other to be customized)


Payment Term:30% deposite by T/T,all balance before delivery

Color:Silver(other to be customized)




Packaging Details

PE bag and box.The packages can also be made according to the quantity of the products or the requirements of our clients.

PRODUCT Description

D007 Aluminum Profile Hinge

D007 is our best-selling product, widely used in all kinds of doors and Windows. And D007 is our main door and window hinge, it uses aluminum material, can be very good corrosion resistance, longer service life, and can provide more colors according to your requirements. D007 also has a strong connectivity, extensibility, can be opened according to the space angle.

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