Plastic double column

Plastic double column

  • ● Sealing of perimeter, connection and expansion joints in the building industry.
  • ● Impregnated, varnished or painted wood.
  • ● Metals (aluminium, steel, zinc, copper); concrete, mortar, masonry or brick.
  • ● Public places waterproof, moisture - proof, decoration and other fire - proof sealing.


Chngoo excellent fire-resistant silicone sealant provides an effective solution to combine joints together with a high movement capability, or where they are formed between dissimilar substrates, such as steel and masonry. The sealant widely used for fire-proof seal for interior decoration and indoor fire-proof partition, door and window installation, and different kinds of industrial uses. As a high specification product, the fire stopping sealant consists of one part alkoxy cure silicone, ensuring excellent un-primed adhesion to the majority of building surfaces. Easy to install, It helps control the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes within a given area surrounded by firewalls for a period of up to four hours, depending on joint configuration. Recommended for firestop sealing of interior and exterior building and construction movement joints or openings, where a fire rating of up to 4 hours is required.


Brand Name: CHNGOO

9"duel-column farme type
Pole Spray in yellow, all other colors can be prodced Plastichandle
Number in package:50 pieces
Measurement in package:365×310×400mm 
Gross weight:9.5kg 
Net weight:9kg

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