Fire & Heat Sealants

Fire resistant silicone sealant, also known as Polystyrene (PS) is a unique one-part, low-pressure, vented, liquid-stabilized silicone rubber liquid-vacuum product having excellent fire resistance properties. The product's exclusive Vented System can be used for indoor air and fuel combustion, vapor compression, as well as lubricating seals and joints. The high-pressure release from the sealant's high temperature gas expansion produces a chemical reaction with the moisture present in the surrounding atmosphere. This results in the evolution of friction and heat, which work together to cause the sealant to expand and reach its full potential, thus ensuring the complete sealing and protection of the surrounding area.


As compared to other types of fire-resistant silicone sealants, the latest version of the product is the result of extensive research and technological developments undertaken by certain companies. One of the main contributing factors towards its development is the knowledge and technology of manufacturers that have made significant contributions towards the final development. A prime example of such an establishment is the Fireproof Polyethylene Corp (FPEC), a business unit whose existence spans over forty years. Among its many accomplishments, the company has been instrumental in bringing forth the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of fire-resistant silicone sealant.


If you are looking to purchase these sealants, you need to identify a good manufacturer or supplier of such products. Identifying a trustworthy manufacturer is not that difficult. You can start your search by either going straight to the manufacturer or supplier by using your favorite search engine or by referrals from people you know and trust. You may also want to consider the recommendations provided by online review sites.


  • FP-996 Fire Resistant Neutral Silicone Adhesive

    FP-996 Fire Resistant Neutral Silicone Adhesive

    ● Neutral curing, non-corrosive curing system.

    ● No unpleasant odor during cure.

    ● Excellent resistance to weather, water.

    ● For use on: Glass, glass curtain wall, ceramics, metals, polycarbonate, plastics, etc.

    ● Good adhesion to most common building material.

    ● Excellent displacement ability.

    ● Long Using Life.




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