Polyurethane (PU) Form

Polyurethane form material, a lot of people in china think that polyurethane form is also a kind of resin, and even many businesses are confusing the concept, in fact, there is no relationship between the two, polyurethane form is just polyurethane form is not polyester resin, is not pu resin, only one name is called polyurethane form. On the one hand, because there is no filler, on the other hand, because the material toughness is much higher than the resin, not easy to break, the thickness is much lower than the resin, but the strength and toughness is higher than the resin, you can make a giant point. There is no need to add filler, so the dispersion of color paste is high, and it can produce gorgeous, warm and moist rock spots. Washed polyurethane form rock spots are like new ones, and resin points in this respect are far from being able to do. Non-toxic release during production.


Polyurethane form is a polymeric material made from diisocyanate, chain extender and oligomer polyol, which has the comprehensive properties of rubber and plastics. Its mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, good adhesion and other excellent properties, but its use temperature generally does not exceed 80℃, more than 100℃ material will soften deformation, mechanical properties significantly weakened, short-term use temperature does not exceed 120℃, seriously limited its application in the high temperature field





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