Water-based Acrylic Sealant AL-107

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  • Date:2021/10/16

Water-based Acrylic Sealant AL-107:Environmentally friendly building materials

With increasingly stringent environmental regulations, people’s awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and market demand has gradually changed. Many sealant manufacturers are also striving to find breakthroughs in their transformation.

CHNGOO new hot-selling product: AL-107, the water-based adhesive uses water as a dispersing solvent for polymer adhesives. It is different from organic solvents in solvents. Water is known to be natural, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and does not contain any harmful substances. In the water-based adhesive, it not only solves the problem of environmental protection to the greatest extent, but also reduces the cost of the product, and more effectively improves the cost-effectiveness of the product.


Usually natural and soluble synthetic polymers are used to make water-based adhesives. Waterborne polymers are soluble and their moisture resistance is limited, while some plant polymers are insoluble and therefore provide extended moisture resistance. The advantage of using water-based adhesives is that they can increase solid content, high initial viscosity, and low toxicity; low solvent content, high composite strength, no need for curing, because it is an undoubtedly environmentally friendly product. Since water-based adhesives have properties such as high solids content, high adhesion, low toxicity, and environmental protection, the factors hindering market growth are their complex formulation methods. Compared with solvent-based adhesives, the formulation process of water-based adhesives is very complicated.


Next, I will introduce you to the most significant advantages of AL-107

1. High cost performance, precisely because the solvent of water-based glue is different from other products. The main solvent is water and acrylic acid. It is made into a glue that is cheap and environmentally friendly.

2. Water-based glue uses light powder, with large capacity and light specific gravity. Small shrinkage, good water resistance.Moreover, all water-based glues are fire-resistant, and will not burn in case of fire. The raw materials of water-based glues can be used as water when fighting fires.

3. The usage scenarios are very wide.Even rough surfaces are very sticky, such as indoor skirting, internal and external wall doors, window frame sealing and caulking, plaster ceilings, closet and other furniture caulking edges, paint and paint can be applied to the surface after drying.

4. Environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless to human body.Due to the strict requirements of the whole society on environmental protection and green development, and with the advancement of technology and society, water-based adhesives with advantages in environmental protection will eventually replace solvent-based adhesives on a large scale and will do a lot. This is the general trend.

Our regular colors are black, white and gray, and the shelf life is 3-5 years. As long as the temperature is above minus 15 degrees, the shelf life can reach 3-5 years. The porcelain white of our products contains titanium dioxide, which will never change color. There are few factories can be done in China.


From the perspective of corporate development strategy, the use of water-based glue can improve the environmental and health level of products, adjust product structure, and meet people's life needs. Reduce volatile harmful gas emissions and pollute the air. While developing, it also contributes to the environmental protection of the earth.

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