New construction sealant-MS sealant CHG-203

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  • Date:2021/10/28

New construction sealant-MS sealant CHG-203

Nowadays, our requirements for construction are getting higher and higher, the cost of land transfer is increasing, and the cost of labor and machinery is also increasing. The fabricated structure came into being in such situation. As an important subject in the fabricated structure, the design and material selection of the sealing seam need to arouse our extensive attention. As the bridge between the fabricated structure, the sealing seam can directly affect the waterproof performance of the fabricated structure. Therefore, when implementing construction industrialization, it is necessary to choose professional sealing materials.


The full name of MS sealant is modified silane polyether glue, which is a new generation of construction sealant developed after polysulfide glue, silicone glue and polyurethane glue. Mainly used in the fields of bonding, filling, jointing, sealing and waterproofing, reinforcement of construction engineering and decoration; we Chngoo also develop and promote an new MS sealant, CHG-203 high duty universal MS polymer sealant. At present, domestic construction sealants are mainly silicone adhesives. Compared with them, MS adhesives have more and more prominent advantages,such as:

1. Wider bonding range and stronger bonding strength. CHG-203 MS sealant is not only suitable for most construction materials, but also has good adhesion to engineering plastics such as acrylic, ABS, plexiglass, and porous materials such as concrete.

2. Strong paintability and environmental protection and pollution-free. It can be compatible with most paints and coatings, the colloidal surface can be painted. Also, it has excellent environmental performance: during production, there is no solvent addition, no formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances that are harmful to the human body. The VOC content is the lowest, and it is environmentally green.

3. Weather resistance/durability up to 30 years. The rubber itself does not produce bubbles and can resist rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays. Long-term exposure to the harsh outdoor environment can effectively inhibit and avoid cracking, fracture, yellowing, mildew.

4. High elastic recovery rate and strong displacement ability. CHG-203 MS sealant can ensure that the bonding surface can adapt to various external forces, tension and compression deformation, absorb and compensate dynamic load, uniformly transmit the force, prevent premature fatigue of the material, and always maintain an effective sealing and bonding.


   Therefore, let us conclude as the following details: Modified silicone (MS) glue is also called modified silane polyether, silane modified polyether, and silyl-terminated polyether. Because it does not contain solvents, it has good workability, adhesion, durability and weather resistance, especially non-polluting and paintability, and has a wide range of applications in the world.

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