will the price of silicone sealant keep rising in December?

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  • Date:2021/12/08

Will the price of silicone sealant keep rising in December?


The answer is undoubtedly yes,but before you questioning,I want to make my explanation.


Firstly,let me describe the situation in the global perspective.

To look back through 2021, the world has change violently,the epidemic did hit the world economy heavily,many of the decoration industries has facing the dilemma,because the epidemic is still hovering all over the world,and to reinforce the prevent and control of the epidemic, to curb the spreading and eliminate the threat of the epidemic,government sometimes have to shut down this factory to protect the workers life safety.

and once the factory was close because of this inevitable reason,that means the output will decline,and we all know the principle of the market,in a market,once the need is over the offer,the price will increase.


Secondly,let me describe the reason in the countrys perspective------China.

We all know that China is the factory of the world, and to told you guys that China is a responsible country,so it will take its responsibility in reducing the carbons emission of the world,and we already have some policy about it,we will basic on the peek emission of carbon and eventually achieve our carbon neutral goal.

But unfortunately,the policy did cause some negative influence to some industries,and including the decorated industries,because we wants to achieve our emission goal, energy was rise in price,and the country also wants to upgrade our industries,so the down streams industries is  being limited,we have to rise our prices and it seems will be a long term plan.


Thirdly,Christmas is coming,and also our Chinese spring festival is approaching.

all products price is increasing to meet the demand of the festival,and also,most of the distributor will take this chance to full their storage in advance,which also caused the prices increasing, also,the raw materials price is taking this chance to increase,and as people are more likely to go back home and stay with their family,the energy pressure will also intensify the prices increasing.

Under these great pressure, we are difficult to maintain our price in its old price,not even to mention our quality is always far more over than our prices,we will try to stabilize our price but thats not a grantee, we may increase our price but we promise the price will be reasonable and available,we also have to remind our dear customer,if you bought our product before the Christmas,you can sell then in a normal price(maybe higher) in the Christmas,and then you can make good profit from it.


CHNGOO,our raw materials was imported from Germany,so we are less limited by our countrys raw material price rising,but our cost price is rising indeed,not only because of the raw material but also because of our energy limited and the epidemic,we will try to maintain our price in a stable level,but the price rising in the future is predictable,not only in CHNGOObut in all decorated industries.






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