How many restrictions do you know about silicone sealant?

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  • Date:2022/03/03

How many restrictions do you know about the use of silicone sealant?

The use of silicone sealant will be limited by the following:

1. Long-term flooded places should not be constructed.

2. Don't make silicone sealant compatible with materials that ooze grease and plasticizers.

3. Frosted or wet surfaces can not be bonded.

4. Silicone sealant in completely closed place cannot be cured (caues the curing of silicone sealant is cured by moisture in the air).

5. The substrate with an unclean or unstable cannot use the silicone sealant.

In addition, different silicone adhesives have different use restrictions:

6. For acetic glass glue:

A. Acetic silicone sealant will corrode or fail to bond copper, brass (and other copper alloys), magnesium, zinc, electroplated metal (and other zinc alloys). At the same time, it is recommended not to use acetic glass glue on  iron carbide matrix and material made of brick and stone. The Acetic silicone sealant applicated on the material which is made of plexiglas, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene and teflon will not get good adhesion and good compatibility. 

B. It is not suitable to use acetic glass glue when the move joints are larger than 25% of the joint width. 

C. It is best not to use ordinary acetic silicone sealant on the structural glass (except acetic structural glue). 

D. Acetic glass glue should not be used in places where there is abrasion and will produce substantial disadvantages. 

E. Substrate with surface over 40℃ should not be constructed.

7. For neutral silicone sealant:

A. It is not suitable for structural glass assembly. 

B. Substrate with surface over 50℃ should not be constructed.

8. For structural glass glue:

A. In addition to the whole curtain wall, structural glass glue can not be injected in the construction site.

C. Substrate with surface over 40℃ should not be constructed.

Therefore, for the silicone sealant, it's not true that the more expensive the better, the cheaper the worse. To maximize the performance of glass glue, it's vital to choose the suitable substrate and environment.

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